The standard journals

For the little, crazy creative in all of us

A space to find your spark again, a space to record and rediscover our long lost ideas. Like a child, draw and write anything and everything... confide in the pages of your journal and allow yourself to be... yourself. Laugh, cry, sketch, tell your stories and be as raw as you can. Or just write your shopping list. It's your personal leather-bound space.

Proudly made in Kenya

A celebration of Kenyan Excellence

Each journal is made by a team of Kenyan youth, all collaborating to bring the most out of the locally sourced materials. From the leather, dyed and prepared in Athi River, to the paper that is printed and hand-torn to give the book their signature manuscript look. This book is our ode to what Kenya can offer the stationery world.

The Watercolor Line

Your portable art gallery

Your studio too.
This journal is the first leather bound watercolour journal in East & Central Africa, designed to be a canvas for your collection of paintings and experiments. Let loose and be free within the pages, knowing that it has been crafted to take a beating.

The Handmade Goods 😊

Our line-up of journals are proudly made by hand in Nairobi, Kenya, using locally sourced materials.


Our Noisy Instagram

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